Advance Your Business with AMD Ryzen™ AI

Open the Door to a New World of Possibilities

Accelerated multitasking, increased productivity, and advanced collaboration are just some of the benefits that AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to provide, with more to come in the future.

Advanced Technology. Enhanced Benefits.

Optimized Cost

Businesses can optimize AI deployment costs with an upfront investment in PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ AI. With the power to control your own AI processing at the core of the AI revolution, the ability to use open-source software enables a vision of the future where AI service subscription costs are lower or possibly eliminated when you leverage dedicated AI processing power in AMD Ryzen™ AI.

Hyper Personalization

AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to learn from interactions and adapt over time, tailoring its output to suit each user’s individual preferences and needs. Every employee will be able to work more creatively and productively, in a way that maximizes their potential.

Leadership Multitasking with AMD Ryzen™ AI

An integrated AI engine can run select AI-optimized applications locally with incredible speed and minimal latency, accelerating critical business processes.

With up to eight high-performance cores and AMD Ryzen™ AI on select AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7040 Series processors, accelerate performance using Microsoft Office applications while running a Microsoft Teams conference with AI effects including advanced background blur, eye gaze correction, and auto framing enabled.²

Cutting-Edge Security Features

The dedicated Ryzen™ AI hardware accelerator on the PC can soon allow algorithms for anomaly detection to run independent of the CPU for greater performance. It is designed to isolate any malware threats from the CPU for more safety.

Client Testimonials


"Our partnership with AMD allows us to support newer-generation hardware, faster. Combined with the power of Ryzen™ Al, users of Topaz Labs software can run Al workloads locally, fast, and effectively, without having to depend on the cloud or share their data out. This delivers advantages in efficiency and speed while unlocking new potential for applications and experiences."

Suraj Raghuraman, Head of Al Engine, Topaz Labs


"If you're doing a Zoom call for work and you want to use eye contact, you're looking at well less than half the power enabled by AMD Ryzen™ Al."

Gordon Mah Ung, Executive Editor, PCWorld

Unlock the Future of AI

Get ready to usher in the future with new capabilities that AMD Ryzen™ AI will soon provide.

AI-Driven Data Analytics

PCs with AMD Ryzen™ AI will soon be able to run advanced AI-powered modeling and analysis directly on the PC, accelerating individual decision-making while helping to strengthen data privacy.

AI-Informed Personal Assistant

AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to learn from your interactions and adapt over time. In the future, you will have all the advantages of having a customized digital assistant to help craft presentations, write email, manage calendars, and summarize conversations.

AI-Augmented Content Creation

AMD Ryzen™ AI will soon offer new advantages and opportunities for creative professionals and workstation users. Imagine generating 3D content without prior CAD expertise or running complex simulations and workloads without added processing power.

AI-Enhanced Collaboration

PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ AI offer engaging experiences today, like auto framing, eye gaze correction, and enhanced background blurs in video conferencing applications, for more natural interactions. Windows Studio Effects is currently available to applications that use the integrated Windows camera, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Explore AMD Ryzen™ Processors with AI Technology Built In

AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors

Select AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7040 Series processors feature the first dedicated artificial intelligence hardware in an x86 processor³ and are designed to deliver the best compute experiences.

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AMD AI Solution Leadership

From Cloud, to Edge, to Client

Accelerate performance across a wide variety of computing workloads, from computational
storage to data search and analytics to networking and telecommunications.

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AMD Ryzen™ AI Solution Guide

The future of Windows business laptops starts with AMD Ryzen™ AI.

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AMD Ryzen™ AI gives developers the flexibility and support they need to innovate.

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Download our IDC white paper and discover how PCs with dedicated AI engines can help users tap into the full power of generative AI to transform their workflows.

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  • Ryzen™ AI is defined as the combination of a dedicated AI engine, AMD Radeon™ graphics engine, and Ryzen processor cores that enable AI capabilities. OEM and ISV enablement is required, and certain AI features may not yet be optimized for Ryzen AI processors. Ryzen AI is compatible with all AMD Ryzen 7040 Series processors except the Ryzen 5 7540U and Ryzen 3 7440U. Please check with your system manufacturer for feature availability prior to purchase. GD-220a.
  • Testing as of 6/23/23, by AMD Performance Labs using the following benchmark tests: Procyon Overall, Procyon Word, Procyon Excel, Procyon PowerPoint, each while running a simulated 9-person (3:3) Microsoft Teams video conference call with utilizing system configuration for AMD Ryzen 7 7840U @15W TDP: MAYAN FP7-101DRC3INT-230331 (CRB), 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, Integrated Radeon Graphics, Windows 11 Pro running in “high-performance mode,” with Advanced Background Blur, eye gaze detection (using a mannequin to simulate the feature) and auto framing enabled via Ryzen AI. System configuration for Qualcomm SQ3 processor: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, Qualcomm integrated graphics, Windows 11 Pro running in “best performance mode,” and Advanced Background Blur, eye gaze detection (using a mannequin to simulate the feature) and auto framing enabled via Qualcomm integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). System configurations may vary yielding different results. PHXP-38
  • As of May 2023, AMD has the first available dedicated AI engine on an x86 Windows processor, where 'dedicated AI engine' is defined as an AI engine that has no function other than to process AI inference models and is part of the x86 processor die. For detailed information, please check: PHX-3.