Advance Your Business with AMD Advanced Processors

AMD has redefined the business experience with the
world’s most advanced processors¹

AMD is advancing productivity from virtually anywhere—delivering uncompromising performance, immersive conferencing and uninterrupted collaboration, all with multilayered security.

Advance Performance

Create and compute uninterrupted with multi-core performance and all-day battery life².

Advance Collaboration

Boost team performance with enhanced connectivity, smooth videoconferencing, and AI-powered noise cancellation³.

Advance Security

Reduce threats with multilayered security features and full memory encryption to help protect user data.

See How AMD Has Transformed the Way Business Gets Done

Propel The Future of Marine Design

AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO processors made it possible for developers at Orca3D and Simerics to put the most advanced marine design and computational fluid dynamics design onto anyone’s desktop.

Improve Audio Product Development

Sonos halved software compile times and improved engineering design performance by up to 20 percent using Lenovo workstations powered by AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO processors.

Modernizing Commercial Laptops

Commercial laptops leveraging advanced modern solutions can deliver and achieve advantages in performance, portability, enterprise management, and cybersecurity for a great hybrid user experience.

Try the AMD Processor Efficiency Calculator

Easily compare the estimated cost savings for your business when you choose AMD over competitor solutions. Evaluate potential savings in greenhouse gas emissions and discover the right processor for your business fleet and sustainability goals.


Make the change happen with the AMD Ryzen™ PRO
and AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO processors

AMD Ryzen™ Processors with
PRO Technologies

AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO
WX-Series Processors

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1. Based on nodesize, as of May 2022. GD-203

2. AMD defines “All Day Battery Life” as at least 8 hours of continuous battery life. All battery life scores are approximate. Actual battery life will vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to: system configuration and software, settings, product use and age, and operating conditions. GD-173.

3. AI-powered noise cancellation, USB4®, and Wi-Fi 6E require OEM enablement. Please check with your PC manufacturer prior to purchase. GD-201

4. Testing by AMD Performance Labs as of 4/15/2020. Processors tested: AMD FX-7600P, AMD FX-8800P, AMD FX-9830P, AMD Ryzen 7 2700U, AMD Ryzen 7 2800H, AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, and AMD Ryzen 7 4800H. 25x20 program tracked against Energy Star Rev 6.1 8/12/2014 and 3DMark® 2011 P-Score and Cinebench R15 nT. Results may vary with drivers and BIOSes. RVM-108